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Looking for a way to promote a culture of health and wellness in the workplace, while at the same time engaging your workers and reducing the risk of work related MSD's (Musculoskeletal Disorders)? If so, then a workplace stretching/strengthening program is a safe, efficient, and cost effective way to help you achieve these goals. At Industrial Motions Inc., we have designed a system of stretching and strengthening exercised which can be tailored to the specific needs of your workers based on the physical demands of their particular type of work. The system is called Work Day Warm-up.

The Workday Warm-up Exercise System is designed to provide companies with an exercise regime that can be customized to fit the specific needs of the employees in their workplace. This unique Exercise Program provides both strengthening exercises and stretching exercises. Combining strengthening with stretching in the workplace helps employers to address not only risks associated with flexibility, but also improves the strength and endurance of the workers bodies. This additional level of exercise helps to improve the ability of the working tissues to with stand the physical stresses related to repetitive tasks and forceful material handling.

Workplace Stretching Program Asheville NC
Workday Warm-up is divided into four different exercise programs:

  • Office workers
  • Light Assembly
  • Heavy Assembly
  • Material Handlers

  • Contact us to speak with Frank Murray and to get a more detailed description of The Workday Warm-up Exercise System.

    In the News

    RALEIGH-GREENSBORO NC -- Extra cheese please! Industrial Motions, Inc. announced a new contract signed with the Great Lakes Cheese company of Hiram, Ohio. Great Lakes Cheese is one of the largest producers of consumer grade cheese in the country.

    Director of Employee Health and Safety, Jacalyn McCarthy, says "If you see it on the supermarket shelf, it is likely to come from one of our facilities." Industrial Motions will be providing Material Handlers Skills training, Work Day Warm-up exercises, and Employee Engagement Programs for all nine Great Lake's locations, starting with the four largest packaging facilities.    Read the full press release...

    Workplace Stretching Program
    Workplace Stretching Program
    We've been doing the stretching in the morning, and the whole team has done well with it. More importantly, they have bought into this program, which is great. - MDZ
    Workplace and Office Stretching Program
    Office Stretching Program Asheville NC
    Office Stretching Program Asheville NC
    Office Stretching Program Asheville NC
    Office Stretching Program Asheville NC
    Office Stretching Program Asheville NC
    Office Stretching Program Asheville NC
    Office Stretching Program Asheville NC
    Office Stretching Program Asheville NC
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