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Computers run the world, and humans run computers.
The majority of the work force in the U.S. spends up to 8-10 hrs./day sitting and operating a computer. Statistics indicate that these types of stresses placed on the human body can be equal to, or greater than, those associated with highly physical jobs that provide for movement throughout the day.

The end result of these stressors can be:
- Low Back Pain
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Neck Pain
- Tendinitis

Operating a computer has become a necessity in the working world, but painful conditions that often come along with sitting at a computer work station are not! Fortunately, there are many practical low cost solutions that can be implemented at the work station, that can significantly reduce the exposure to these stressors and minimize the risk of developing these painful conditions.

Office Ergonomic Workplace Evaluations Richmond
Kristie Nelson, PTA
Certified Office Ergonomic Evaluator, NC State

Let Industrial Motions, Inc. help you to minimize your risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders in your office work place. Our North Carolina State University, Accredited Office Ergonomics Evaluator, Kristie Nelson PTA, provides comprehensive, onsite workstation evaluations with instant feedback and modifications to the work station in order to optimize the workspace with the existing equipment. If further intervention/equipment is necessary, it will be indicated in the formal report for the employers review.

Ergonomic Workplace Assessments - Richmond
In addition the structural aspects of the work station, we will educate your workers on how their posture and positions effect the working tissues of their bodies. We can also help you to further prevent your exposure to risk by introducing you and your employees to the Work Day Warm-up for office workers. This is an exercise program designed specifically to address the physical stresses of the computer work station. The program takes less than 5 min. to perform and provides great benefits to your employees.

The cost of an office ergonomic assessment is a fraction of the cost of one workplace injury. Statistics show that the total cost of a work related upper extremity condition can be in the neighborhood of $20,000.

The cost of an ergonomic workspace evaluation is less than the cost of one visit to the Orthopedist. Prevent one office visit and you have a return on investment. Prevent a full blown injury and claim - that would pay for an ergonomic assessment 100 times.
Don't wait for aches and pains to become strains and claims!

In the News

RALEIGH-GREENSBORO NC -- Extra cheese please! Industrial Motions, Inc. announced a new contract signed with the Great Lakes Cheese company of Hiram, Ohio. Great Lakes Cheese is one of the largest producers of consumer grade cheese in the country.

Director of Employee Health and Safety, Jacalyn McCarthy, says "If you see it on the supermarket shelf, it is likely to come from one of our facilities." Industrial Motions will be providing Material Handlers Skills training, Work Day Warm-up exercises, and Employee Engagement Programs for all nine Great Lake's locations, starting with the four largest packaging facilities.    Read the full press release...

Bad office posture leads to Low Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Neck Pain and Tendinitis. Call Industrial Motions to find your ergonomic risk and to make corrections before injury strikes.
Workplace-Office Ergonomic Evaluations
Office Ergonomic Evaluator Richmond
Office Ergonomic Evaluator Richmond
Office Ergonomic Evaluator Richmond
Office Ergonomic Evaluator Richmond
Office Ergonomic Evaluator Richmond
Office Ergonomic Evaluator Richmond
Office Ergonomic Evaluator Richmond
Office Ergonomic Evaluator Richmond
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Frank A. Murray, Physical Therapist-Industrial Workplace Safety

Frank Murray
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