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Update: 2016-Sept

Hi Frank! The stretching program has been a success! Since we instituted the program a few years ago...our sprains and strains have been nearly eliminated...we [have] reduced by over 90% our sprains and strains incidents. All three plants now incorporate the program.


Date: 2014 - Industrial Motions Implements The "WorkDay Warm-Up" Stretching Program for a Large Corporation in Houston, Texas

The "WorkDay Warm-Up" exercise program combines stretching exercises with simple strengthening exercises to provide employees with the most well rounded workplace exercise program available.

MDZ of this company says, "Not only is their program up and running, but the workers have really bought into the program and look forward to the session each day...We've been doing the stretching in the morning, and the whole team has done well with it. More importantly, they have bought into this program, which is great."

The USW Local 959 at the Goodyear Fayetteville plant

My name is Terry Brewington USW Local 959 Vice President. I like to speak on behalf Local 959's appreciation for the fantastic job Frank has done is helping our members. . Back injuries had debilitated too many of our members. These injuries result in the lack of physical activities and in many cases a dependence of Pain Medication. Through the Lift presentation and training provided to our members we are learning techniques to have healthier lives. All the members that had the training were amaze at the simple things you can do to save you from a life time of pain. I was the Safety Committee Chairman for Fayetteville Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company for 10 years and after going the training myself. I ask Frank to set up the presentation the Company and Union Leadership. They where very impressed and had all 2400 employees to go through the presentation and training. All new employees shall complete the training during probation

I shared our results with Goodyear Corporate Safety and our other Union/Company Safety Steering Committees. They agreed to send all Goodyear employees at all location through the training. More than 8000 employees have completed the training. It training is now included as a part of our continues improvement process.

Frank helped our members prevent many painful long term injuries. I know this training has saved our Company Millions in preventing both Work and Non-occupational injuries. Back injuries had debilitated too many of employees. These injuries result in the lack of physical activities and in many cases a dependence of Pain Medication. He has made it possible for our members to play with their Children and Grandchildren. I would be happy to talk to anyone about my Locals experience and would encourage you to give Frank a chance to help your Company.

Other Clients


In my 20 years of professional experience as an Occupational Safety Manager, the training program developed by Licensed Physical Therapist, Frank Murray, with instructions on the use of proper body mechanics in the workplace, is by far the most practical and effective I've ever seen. While observing Frank's 30 minute presentation for the first time, I knew we had found the perfect tool necessary for raising the awareness of our associates on the importance of proper body mechanics. In an effort to attract the trainee's interest, Frank used a variety of tire industry specific props which made the concepts easily relevant to the audience. In the six months since we initially implemented this new process, we've experienced a gradual reduction of OSHA recordable soft tissue strain incidents throughout the plant. The program has been so successful within Goodyear North American Tire Manufacturing facilities that it has now expanded to include all Goodyear Tire Manufacturing plants worldwide. I highly advocate the "Ready, Set, Lift with your Head" safety training program for anyone who has manual material handling tasks performed as part of their company's routine operations.

Jim Bartolovich, Plant Safety Manager
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Fayetteville, North Carolina Plant

I have been a Training Manager for over 20 years and "Ready Set Lift with your Head" is one of the most impressive videos I have seen that explains proper lifting in a simplistic way.

Any organization that has an environment that involves lifting would benefit greatly by having their employees view and practice the methods. It breaks down proper lifting steps in a way that you have never thought of before and helps employees break bad lifting habits that could result in an injury. We have made it mandatory for all employees and have added it to our New Hire Orientation Program.

Rosemary Vella
Training Manager
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.
Fayetteville, NC 28311

The employees appreciated the demonstrations on how strains occur. They also understood how lifting with your head helps the entire body fall into place for correct lifting techniques - you made it simple to understand.

From your training, we've had several employees list ergonomic concerns that would benefit from rearranging their work stations. At least 2 employees said to me they wanted to sit through the class again- I've never heard that about safety training.

Rena' Hart, BS, MBA
EHS Coordinator
Columbus McKinnon Corp
Wadesboro, NC

Industrial Motions
Apex, NC 27526

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